Chinese Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping; some consider it ridiculous, some can’t live without. This healthcare method places heated glass cups on identified acupuncture points on the skin of our backs, which pulls vacuum because of the pressure difference. This encourages blood flow to the damaged areas of our bodies. It is like dredging the valves of the veins, the tunnels from the muscle to the heart. The little cups bring fresh blood and oxygen back to our veins to enhance blood circulation, restoring proper function and relieving muscle pain.

Chinese Fire Cupping is most popular in the legendary northeastern part of China. People from this area are famous for their enthusiasm and straightforwardness. When someone visits this region, chances are that locals will treat them with fire cupping for free, because they consider the method to be indispensable. The technique is slowly growing in popularity by many other Chinese and even Western celebrities. Olympic Game winner Michael Phelps, for example, is proud to show his fire cupping marks in the swimming game. Regular treatments didn’t work for him, Fire Cupping did.

However, on the opposite of the coin, there are the people that find it ridiculous and horrifying, due to the lack of scientific evidence. They consider it painful and itchy and don’t think stimulating blood to specific areas this way isn’t the best option for curing sour muscles. What side are you on?

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