The magic called; acupuncture

By introducing acupuncture, Eastern medicine brings a bit of magic to the West. Your first association might be; painfull, sticking thin, solid, metal needles into your body. But it actually brings your body into a state of relaxation and peace. It all comes down to balancing Yin and Yang.

The theory behind all traditional Chinese medicine claims that the universe consists of two opposites, just like men and women, the sun and the moon, black and white, and old and young. These antonyms are called Yin and Yang. To achieve harmony, these two opposites must be appropriately balanced. This also applies to the human body.

The art of acupuncture

The Chinese believe that there are energy flows (Qi) travelling through our body. When these energy pathways are fully restored to flow correctly – balancing Yin and Yang – diseases can be treated, or even prevented. Besides boosting our immune and nerve system, acupuncture has shown to be beneficial for a wide range of disorders, such as countering baldness, headaches, back pain, and asthma.

When performing acupuncture, needles are inserted into the skin at selected points where this Qi is obstructed. The human body knows no less than two hundred of these points, of which each has its own functions and connection with specific organs and limbs. Besides knowing the right spots and the positive effect that comes with it, practitioners should also master the technique. Representing people, the earth and heaven, acupuncture has three levels; superficial, medium, and deep. The process is an art in itself, but when done correctly the ultimate balance and health can be achieved.

Chinese Medicinal Diet

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is a result of the life practice of Chinese people of various ethnic groups for thousands of years. It

Sugar toast

Ingredients for 1-2 persons 5 slices of toast. 20 grams of black sugar. 15 grams of butter. 3 pieces of dried fruit or nuts. How

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