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Are you still worried about that the plates in the steamer are too hot, the bowls and plates in the oven and microwave oven are too dangerous to carry, and the casserole is too heavy to carry? Then our Anti-Scalding Gripper Set is just right for you who often cook.
How to use:
Plate gripper: clip the edge of the plate on both sides with stainless steel parts, clenching the silicone handle and lift the plate. Bowl clip: fix the retriever tong of the gripper on the edge of the pan, hold the other end tightly to lift the bowl. Anti-hot oven mitts: put your fingers in the mitts. Anti-hot pot holder: placed at the bottom of the hot container. (Note: for safety, please use the disc clip and the bowl clip with anti-hot mitts, and the bowl should not be too full. If it is hot, you should be extra careful.)
This set of products can meet your various needs, including bowls, plates, baked rice plates and casseroles. With only one set, you can avoid being scalded by taking any container directly by hand.

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