Maak kennis met de echte Aziatische cultuur via onze blog. Hier kun je alles lezen over onder andere de geschiedenis, tradities en gebruiken, en gezondheidsovertuigingen. We duiken dieper in de verschillende theesoorten en hun gezondheidsvoordelen, vertellen je alles over typisch Aziatische ingrediënten én we delen gemakkelijke recepten met je om het Oosten naar jouw eigen keuken te halen. Lees snel verder

Gastblog van Priya Loves Food: Interview met Topchef Han Ji

Chef Han Ji, chef en eigenaar van onder andere restaurant Zheng op de Prinsestraat in Den Haag. Hij is één van de grootste chefs van Den Haag. Onder de naam HanTing Group vallen de restaurants UMAMI by Han, Streetfood by Han, Red Chili en Zheng (voormalig sterrenrestaurant HanTing Cuisine) en bezorg platform HanTing Delivery. Chef...

Chopsticks; greatest invention of Chinese culture

Chopsticks, a symbol of the Chinese culture, originate from the 11 century B.C. They’re the simplest of all eating tools, but might be the most convenient. Especially for Chinese food, which is mostly cut into bite-small pieces before served. But there’s more to this cutlery than being ‘just’ two sticks. The development of chopsticks In...

The best Chinese novel ever written: Red Chamber

A bite of Chinese history. Amongst ‘The Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, ‘Journey to the West’, and ‘Outlaws of the Marsh’, the novel ‘Red Chamber’ definitely deserves a spot at China’s greatest books ever written. This book is not only remarkable for its huge cast of characters and psychological scope, but also for its precise...

A recipe from famous food vlogger Li Ziqi

Suzao Chili Sauce Are you crazy about Chinese food and cooking? Then you need to know famous video food vlogger, Li Ziqi. She started blogging in 2015 and now has over 7 million followers on YouTube. Unique about Li is that she really takes time to create her video’s, showing the whole process, revealing the...

Chinese Medicinal Diet

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is a result of the life practice of Chinese people of various ethnic groups for thousands of years. It is supported by Science and plays an important guiding role in improving the physical health of modern people. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that “food is medicine and...

Sugar toast

Ingredients for 1-2 persons 5 slices of toast. 20 grams of black sugar. 15 grams of butter. 3 pieces of dried fruit or nuts. How to make it Step 1 Take a piece of toast and cut it into about 6 squares. No need to take the crust off. Step 2 Put a small amount...


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